Ashes into Glass Jewellery is hand-crafted with meticulous care. The founders are genuine masters of glass and jewellery creation. Thirty years of experience shines through in the quality of the work they produce.

Your Ashes into Glass stone is hand-crafted from your loved one's ashes together with coloured glass crystals and molten crystal glass. It is cut, polished and toughened before being set in the solid, cast mount. The stone is more durable than the metal and the colour will stay strong over time, reflecting the bond you share with your loved one.

Each Ashes into Glass stone is unique and just like your loved one, it will posess its own character. It may remind you of a starry night sky, a wispy cloud up above, or maybe the ashes floating on a breeze.

For more information regarding Ashes into Glass and the many items they produce, please do not hesitate to contact us at Cleobury Funeral Directors on 01299 272963 or 01299 540541.