In association with Red Funnel Ferries, we are able to offer the service of scattering cremated remains at sea from aboard the Southampton to East Cowes ferry.

The deck from which the ashes are scattered can only accomodate 3 - 4 people. However, as many friends and family as you wish can be aboard the ferry. For larger groups, a private lounge is available at an additional charge with a range of food and beverage options.

Once aboard, and you have introduced yourself to the Onboard Service Officer, they will take you to the Bridge to meet with the Captain who will run through the proceedings and find out where you would like the ashes to be scattered. Once the destination has been reached, the ship will slow down and move into the correct position. The Captain or Senior officer will accompany you to am outside area which is on the lower deck and if requested will say a prayer. The ceremonies are private, taking place without disrupting other guest activities.

Many people throw rose petals or flowers into the water to watch them drift away.

Once the scattering has taken place the Captain will provide you with location details from the entry in the ship's log. A certificate can also be issued to commemorate the scattering of the ashes.

For more information, please do not hesitate to call our Funeral Directors on 01299 540541