Ashes into Glass Jewellery is a story.  


A story of pride, of strength, of courage.  A story of family and warmth, of smiles & laughter.  A story of romance, of hugs and of kisses.  An inner beauty, a kind heart, a warm smile.  Your Ashes into Glass jewellery is a story of love, a story of devotion and a story of a bond that cannot be broken.


You will be reminded that your loved one is with you.  In a fleeting thought, a fond memory, a song on the radio or a familiar face.  By wearing it or just holding it in your hand, you will connect with your loved one and share these special moments together.


Your loved one’s cremation ashes, coloured glass crystals and clear molten glass are expertly layered together using traditional techniques to create a beautiful, lasting tribute to the one you hold dear.

The choice is vast: Tribute Ring, Long Pendant, Earrings, Signet Ring, Round Pendant, Cufflinks, Memorial Paperweight.

For more information, please contact Cleobury Funeral Directors on Cleobury Mortimer 01299 540541